FieldTurf TripleThreat Speed and TripleThreat Natural

FieldTurf’s TripleThreat is designed specifically for softball, and offers two systems – TripleThreat Speed and TripleThreat Natural.

“We’re excited and proud to announce the launch of these new softball systems,” said Eric Daliere, FieldTurf’s president. “Our focus around the TripleThreat series was dedicated to helping develop the sport of softball and redefine home field advantage with innovative and high-performance surfaces.”

The creation of the TripleThreat surfaces required FieldTurf to push the boundaries of testing and product innovation further than ever before. These surfaces were developed by testing and analyzing some of the most elite clay, grass and turf facilities in the United States and evaluating such key factors as ball-surface interaction, speed and consistency. Through the use high-tech motion cameras, FieldTurf’s engineers interpreted the data as it relates to three critical performance criteria: ball speed, line and bounce. More than 300 research hours were dedicated to analyze over 250 videos and 60,000 photos. The results helped design a system that emulated the best performances.

Coaches and field owners can opt for TripleThreat Speed to build a field that plays fast or TripleThreat Natural to replicate the play of a natural surface.

Learn more about the first system designed specifically for softball here.