Rain Bird ESP-LXIVM Series controllers

Rain Bird introduced the ESP-LXIVM Series, two new, easy-to-use controllers for two-wire irrigation systems that provide large, challenging sites with advanced water management tools, diagnostics and a host of new-to-the-industry features. 

The ESP-LXIVM standard model can support up to 60 stations, while the “Pro” model can manage larger sites with up to 240 stations. Both feature Rain Bird’s new Integrated Valve Module (IVM), a “smart valve” that maintains constant communication with the controller for more efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics. The IVM also eliminates the need for a decoder, cutting the quantity of wire splices in half. This saves time and money not just during installation, but also when the system needs maintenance or repairs.

“The ESP-LXIVM Series truly sets the gold standard on what two-wire, smart controllers can do,” said Amar Thiraviam, senior product manager for Rain Bird’s commercial controllers. “The IVM technology not only eliminates the need for decoders, and with it 50 percent of splices, the powerful microcontroller in the IVM ‘smart valve’ also takes two-wire system reliability and diagnostics to a whole new level. And, years of customer research has resulted in a simple and sleek LX-IVM interface that provides an outstanding user experience.”

The LXIVM’s advanced diagnostics include a “Self-Healing” feature that automatically detects fixes to wire path and splice issues and restarts irrigation without manual intervention. A “Two-Wire Mapping” feature maps integrated devices to corresponding wire paths to quickly find and resolve issues. Supported field devices include the IVM-SOL for controlling stations or master valves, the IVM-OUT to manage third-party valves or devices, the IVM-SEN for controlling weather or flow sensors, and the IVM-SD for surge protection on the two-wire path.

The LXIVM’s advanced flow management tools include FloWatch, which alerts to high- and low-flow conditions, and FloManager, which manages hydraulic demand, making it possible to simultaneously activate multiple stations and reduce the time it takes to complete full irrigation cycles. Optional weather sensors are programmable by station to prevent or pause watering. Additional water management features include Cycle + Soak, Seasonal Adjust (by program or month), Station Delay and Rain Delay, among others.

The ESP-LXIVM continues Rain Bird’s “Extra Simple Programming” (ESP) tradition, with an extra-large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display. Users can select from six available languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. The ESP-LXIVM features up to 10 independent programs, while the ESP-LXIVM Pro can manage up to 40. All programs can have up to eight start times, and users can also start stations or programs manually as needed. 

“With the launch of the LXIVM, Rain Bird extends our long-standing leadership in commercial two-wire irrigation controls,” said Barbara Booth, Rain Bird’s specification sales and marketing manager. “We believe installers will find this to be the most robust product on the market, while users will enjoy the easy user interface, powerful diagnostics and the ability to seamlessly integrate with our new IQ4 central control platform.”