STS Turf Pure K+ 0-0-27 w/14% Calcium

Pure K+ 0-0-27 w/14% Calcium delivers the most effective calcium and Potassium combination 1-2 punch available in the sports turf industry! Our multiple worldwide patents on biological fermentation and enzymatic fragmentation are used in the process to gas-off the oxide, resulting in ionic potassium (K+) and calcium (Ca++) with no baggage. The ionic Ca-K are stabilized, then complexed – chelated using 15 percent in pre-digested organic acids, boasting 100-percent solubility with low use rates and a neutral pH. From world-class stadiums to practice facilities, colleges, municipalities and golf courses, find out what the buzz is about. There is no other product that hardens off turf as efficiently by getting more pure calcium and potassium into the plant as Pure K+. Congratulations to STS customer Real Salt Lake, and Rio Tinto Stadium, for recognition as 2019 Professional Soccer Field of the Year.