Weedingtech Foamstream L12

The first in the Foamstream Lite range, the versatile L12 is Weedingtech’s entry-level plug-and-play Foamstream system. Its key features include:

– Ultra-quick start-up time (30-60 seconds)

– Unlimited trigger time

– Quick-change lances

– New water-only rinse mode

– New high-pressure cleaning mode

– Still the same great results on weed, moss and algae

Operator driven, the L12 relies on the operator to run it, rather than Weedingtech’s proprietary Foamstream Software System (unlike the M600 and M1200).

With a rapid start-up time of 30-60 seconds the machine has unlimited trigger time and is very easy to use. Its diesel and petrol dual-fuel source powers its 12 liters per minute flow rate. Its robust design is frame mounted with four fork-lift points and can be used on a variety of different vehicles. The L12 includes additional functionality for street cleaning and a new rinse-mode feature providing the operator with an option to use the machine with just water and no foam at high or low pressure.