Winter Equipment guarantees wear life

Winter Equipment, an established leader in premium cutting edges and innovative wear parts for the snow removal and road maintenance equipment industry, announces its “Satisfaction Guarantee” policy.

Demonstrating that it manufactures wear systems that last, Winter Equipment guarantees its customers will be satisfied with the wear they will receive from its high-quality, cutting edge systems. If the wear system is not performing or lasting as long as promised, Winter Equipment will work with its customers until they are satisfied.

Winter Equipment provides wear factor ratings for many of its products, which is its cutting edge blade’s ability to extend wear life and eliminate frequent blade changes. In an effort to provide quality products as the low cost alternative, the company emphasizes that it is not the purchase price, but the overall cost of use that counts. The company offers a complete line of plow systems, plow guards, plow accessories and road maintenance products.

“Winter Equipment is the only cutting edge manufacturer in the market that guarantees its products’ wear life against the typical blade,” stated Kent Winter, founder and CEO, Winter Equipment. “We want our customers to get their money’s worth when they purchase a Winter product.”

The Village of Buffalo Grove’s superintendent of maintenance, Bryan Beitzel, put Winter Equipment’s guarantee to the test in a two-year trial period of Winter’s Razor® carbide plow systems. “The Winter Equipment blades not only saved us money versus traditional steel plow blades, but also an enormous amount of man hours spent changing blades,” explained Beitzel. “At the conclusion of our trial, the original carbide Winter blades still had plenty of wear remaining, while the traditional steel blades had been changed out numerous times.” 

To view highlights of the Winter Equipment satisfaction guarantee, visit here.