Best practices: Assessment teams

According to the 2018 edition of the NCS4 Safety and Security Best Practices Guides, assessments are critical for venues to be able to properly protect and secure all individuals involved with the event. To properly conduct an assessment, the venue needs to ensure that a proper assessment team is put together. A proper assessment team will be inclusive of all individuals that have a stake in the success and safety of the event. There are the traditional organizations/departments like venue manager or law enforcement. Some of the stakeholders may include the following:

· Venue/Event personnel – (internal stakeholders, security, operations, maintenance, IT, concession, marketing, business affairs, etc.)

· Local/state/federal law enforcement (as appropriate)

· Fire Department/Fire Marshall

· EMS and Emergency Management

· Utilities/Public Works

· Transportation Providers

· Weather Meteorologists

· Community Stakeholders: airport, medical centers, mass transit

The previous list of individuals is not all-inclusive but is a start. All venues will have different stakeholders depending on where responsibilities fall within each organization. Identifying the proper team ahead of the assessment will be critical to ensuring the correct information.

When the team is identified and put together, there is a need for all individuals to participate in the assessment as much as possible to prepare a written report as necessary. The report is necessary at least annually to assist with driving continuous improvement. All other plans will be based on this report. The report will serve as a guide to what needs to be address along with what the priorities are.

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