Vigeo plant growth enhancer

Now approved for turf, ornamental and sod, Vigeo plant growth enhancer from Vivid Life Sciences improves germination, emergence, root growth, seedling development, sod establishment, tillering and lateral growth. With a unique balance of three active ingredients, – growth-stimulating plant hormones cytokinin, IBA/auxin and gibberellic acid – Vigeo also mitigates short-term stress and supports faster turf recovery from stress events. Vigeo works best when tank mixed with fertilizers or used around soil or foliar fertilizer applications. Vigeo has also been rigorously tested for tank-mix safety with most all turf and ornamental fungicides and pesticides.

Prime uses for Vigeo include seed soak (pre-germ) and over-the-top with liquid fertilizer for seed germination. With foliar fertilizer, use Vigeo for grow-in or pretreatment prior to stress and during stress recovery.

Vivid Life Sciences is committed to designing advanced physiological and nutritional solutions for plants through innovative technologies for agriculture, turf and ornamental industries. Our professional turf portfolio offers practical solutions in seed treatment, soil and foliar applied plant nutrition, advanced biologicals and phosphite fungicides. We work with an integrated global network to distribute products to retail partners and provide the expertise needed to adopt our patented products safely, sustainably and effectively.