90-second oil changes for off-road engines

Castrol innovation business Nexcel has developed its proven active oil management system for use in small off-road engines. Adapted from its latest generation sealed oil cell technology developed for the automotive industry, the downsized solution will enable streamlined servicing for off-road engine applications through ultra-fast changes that can be carried out on-site without the risk of spillage. The Nexcel system will also reduce waste and ease the waste oil recycling process.

“Nexcel’s automotive solution enables 90-second spill-free oil changes and we believe that an opportunity exists for this technology to provide significant benefits to the small off-road engine market,” explains Nexcel’s business development director, Ben Russell. “Machines in this industry are expected to work extremely hard, which puts engines under considerable pressure. With small sumps, the correspondingly small quantity of oil therefore has a great deal of work to do and this necessitates regular oil changes – as frequently as every 50 hours of use.”

“Nexcel makes servicing both faster and cleaner – oil and filter are contained within a sealed cell, which is ‘plugged in’ to the machine using a dock,” he continues. “No special tools or training are required and waste oil cells can be dropped off at collection points such as machine dealers, eradicating a traditionally messy and inconvenient process.” Both the cell and the used oil within it can then be recovered for reuse.

The design of Nexcel’s system provides flexibility of service: oil changes can be carried out in a workshop, on the back of a truck or even on-site without the risk of spillage. Reduced downtime increases return on investment by reducing maintenance times and keeping machines working for longer, while not requiring extended drain intervals to do so.

The company is currently working closely with a global engine manufacturer to develop its solution with a view to Nexcel’s future fitment as original equipment on small-engined off-road machines.

Containing the oil within a sealed cell also makes recycling of old oil a much more practical option because it eliminates contamination by other fluids during the drain and recovery operation. Nexcel units can remain sealed up to the point of re-refining, allowing the oil to be returned to its original specification. Changing the cell takes just 90 seconds. For service agents, the benefits also include the elimination of spills and greatly simplified oil recovery. Nexcel’s closed ecosystem could help to eliminate some of the drained engine oil that currently disappears into the environment.