Jack Harrell, Jr., writes letter on stopping glyphosate sales

Here is text of a letter from Jack Harrell, Jr. CEO of Harrell’s regarding recent decision to discontinue distribution of glyphosate products:

“There has obviously been some discussion and concern about our decision to stop selling glyphosate products. I apologize for any confusion about this and I would like to explain why we made this decision.

“First, Harrell’s is not making any judgment as to whether glyphosate is detrimental to anyone’s health. In fact, the weight of scientific evidence strongly supports its safety when used properly.

“That said, during our annual insurance renewal last month, we were surprised to learn that our insurance company was no longer willing to provide coverage for claims related to glyphosate due to the recent high-profile lawsuit and the many thousands of lawsuits since. We sought coverage from other companies but could not buy adequate coverage for the risk we would be incurring. So we had no choice other than to notify our Harrell’s Team and customers that we would no longer offer products containing glyphosate as of March 1, 2019.

“We are still ready and able to help you with a variety of alternative products that will meet your non-selective control needs or to help you find glyphosate elsewhere. As always, we will make sure your needs are met no matter whether we sell a particular product or not.

“Finally, be assured that Harrell’s will continue to partner with our suppliers, customers, and all National, State and Local associations to advocate for responsible regulation and legislation of our products and practices. Together we can educate lawmakers and the public and ensure we can continue Growing A Better World.”

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