The Andersons launches improved Turf Nutrition Tool

The Andersons, Inc. Plant Nutrient Group announces the launch of its new and improved Turf Nutrition Tool (TNT).

The TNT is a web-based platform that allows turf managers to create customized, season-long nutrition programs and model the nitrogen release of granular and foliar products. Initially launched more than ten years ago, the TNT has been used to build thousands of nutrition programs for turf managers across the United States.

This latest version of the Turf Nutrition Tool has been completely reimagined to be mobile-friendly and accessible from any device. It offers the ability to create, save and share custom turf nutrition programs, and includes new product listings for Contec DG – Gen 3, Foltec SG, HCU – Humic Coated Urea, and more.

“This relaunch of the Turf Nutrition Tool is not simply an update, it is a transformation of the tool itself,” says Bob Eichenberg, Director of Professional Turf Sales with The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group. “The TNT allows turf managers in the golf, sports field, and lawn and landscape industries, to create nutrition programs tailored to their individual needs. The art of the TNT is its ability to model the nitrogen release rate of our products while considering multiple variables, including climate zone, rate, nitrogen source and timing. The TNT is not a glorified spreadsheet. It is a sophisticated tool for nutrition planning.”

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