Partnership introduces innovative mobile growing systems to US turfgrass markets

SeeGrow and AQUA-AID Solutions are pleased to announce a partnership offering the US Turfgrass Markets innovative, mobile, all season, patented growing systems. The SeeGrow Lighting Systems utilize LED technology along with a CO2 process to create a healthy microclimate for turfgrass systems throughout the world. Sports Turf Managers will have their first look at these innovative systems at the STMA Show with AQUA-AID Solutions in booth 735 and 833.

“Our vision began by wanting to provide superior products through thinking differently but using basic principles of photosynthesis. After several years in development, the proof is clear. The units are used exclusively over an ever-increasing number of stadiums and golf courses around the world,” said Steve Noel, Managing Director of SeeGrow. “The SeeGrow Team is looking forward to showing our technology to our industry friends at the upcoming STMA Show in Phoenix and the GIS show in San Diego.”

Sam Green, President of AQUA-AID Solutions, states, “Our exposure to this technology was actually 6 years ago while visiting Tony Stones at Wembley Stadium. The visual effect of the SeeGrow technology on the Ryegrass healing and becoming aesthetically pleasing prior to the NFL game at Wembley blew my mind. We have been testing various protocols in the US for the past 18 months with our own unit on multiple types of turfgrass and in different climatic conditions. We are excited to be launching this into the US market. Our mission statement with AQUA-AID Solutions is to be able to touch a part of everyone’s agronomic program; and offer a solution for the base parameters of growing healthy turfgrass including sunlight, air, water, and nutrition.”

SeeGrow’s LED grow systems are the world’s only dedicated system that permits the turf manager to create specific recipes for grass growth, enabling the turf manager to choose if you want to push the leaf, the root or both together. The US turfgrass markets will have several grow system options. SeeGrow’s covered systems are a combination of light, heat, C02, H20 and acoustic booster enabling growth 24/7 to quickly repair and restore areas that are shaded. SeeGrow’s “Open” units for larger areas combine LED lights, acoustic booster, and unique infrared heaters. The simplicity of these units is part of the innovation with all units PLC controlled. Turf managers prepare their surface and set the parameters of light, heat, C02, and H20. Utilizing SeeGrow systems will make the most of your growth and control the energy you use.

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