New EcoBiome soil testing technology

Sentinel Biologics announced the launch of its new EcoBiome soil testing technology.

“Conventional soil testing technologies are only capable of identifying and categorizing about five percent of the microbes in any soil sample,” noted Marc Rodriguez, president of Sentinel Biologics. “Our patent-pending EcoBiome technology, on the other hand, can identify and categorize 100% of the microbes in a soil sample, allowing us to develop specific recommendations on how to improve fertilizer efficiency, crop yields, sustainability and profits.”

According to Rodriguez, soil microbiology is the catalyst to optimal plant health. Over the years, traditional fertilization, tillage practices and crop protection products have slowly stripped soils of the basic nutrient-rich organic matter and microbial balance vital for optimal soil and plant health.

“Crops can grow vigorously only if there are proper types of bacteria colonizing the root zone and actively converting unavailable nutrients into plant-available nutrients through the process of biological transformation. These beneficial microbes are essential for soil and plant health by shuttling nutrients into the root zone. Without a healthy microbial population in the soil, plant health can and will suffer.”

The advanced EcoBiome soil analysis technology provides colony counts of specific microbes capable of solubilizing locked-up nutrients and minerals in the soil. If microbial deficiencies are discovered, the EcoBiome Innovation Center will recommend and offer customized microbial products formulated to rebalance and restore the soil ecology back to optimal levels.

Rodriguez sees an excellent fit for the new EcoBiome technology in the production agriculture, professional turf maintenance and greenhouse ornamental sectors, as well as the home lawn and garden market. “With the high cost of basic fertilizers and essential micronutrients, it makes good economic sense to ensure that soils contain the proper microbial balance to optimize those fertilizer investments.”

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