LESCO launches CarbonPro

SiteOne Landscape Supply announced the release of LESCO CarbonPro-L with MobilEX, a liquid biological soil amendment. CarbonPro can be tank mixed with fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides when applied to turf and landscape plantings. The multi-solution product deepens and strengthens roots, helps with stress recovery and prevention, improves greening, assists with seed establishment and provides other benefits.

The key to CarbonPro is its exclusive active ingredient formulation, including MobilEX nutrient transport technology, humic substances and kelp extract to harness the power of plant-microbe interactions and organic soil sciences to maximize plant health. In tests, CarbonPro promoted 75 percent more root mass under 30 percent less nitrogen than positive and negative controls in tall fescue.

“We’re excited by the test results of this product and believe it will be yet another tool that helps our customers work smarter,” said John Gertz, VP Category Management – Agronomics at SiteOne Landscape Supply. “A nutrient transporter like CarbonPro can boost nutrient uptake in plants by 30-35 percent and maximize ROI. It’s not only a significant enhancement to current nutrient programs, but it can be used during fertilizer restriction or blackout periods because it contains no N-P-K.”

Other benefits of using CarbonPro as part of a nutrient program include:

  • Reduces operation cost spent on treating turf stress.
  • Prevents chlorosis, the yellow/loss of greening of turf.
  • Supports establishment of new turf through accelerated seed germination.
  • Increases turf quality through remediation and restoration from saline soils and salt toxicity.

CarbonPro underwent university trials at the University of Wisconsin and Auburn University and was field-tested by Agricen Sciences and Turf Care Supply Corp. Labs.

The product is available in 1-gallon (4×1), 2.5-gallon (2×2.5) and 30-gallon quantities with 275-gallon available upon request.