Syngenta launches new resources to help turf managers defend against dollar spot

To help turf managers better manage dollar spot all season long, Syngenta has launched a new solutions-based website,, which includes a dollar spot prediction tool, trial data, videos and more. These new resources allow turf managers to actively monitor for dollar spot development and stay up to date on the latest dollar spot solutions, research trials and agronomic program recommendations.

The dollar spot prediction tool is based on the model developed by Damon Smith, Ph.D., and Jim Kerns, Ph.D., et al. It helps predict the likelihood of disease development by using local, real-time weather data and disease thresholds. Turf managers can use that data to plan their fungicide applications accordingly.

Through Syngenta, turf managers can also sign up to receive email alerts when their area reaches a recommended 20 percent risk threshold, and weather conditions are conducive for dollar spot.

Additionally, turf managers can explore an interactive map that highlights extensive dollar spot trials and includes interviews with well-known turfgrass researchers and dollar spot experts. They can also learn about best practices for resistance management and earn GCSAA education points by watching a dollar spot webinar.

“Dollar spot is one of the most prevalent turfgrass diseases in the world,” said Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager for turf at Syngenta. “By using tools like this prediction model and following a strategically planned agronomic program featuring the latest control options, turf managers can plan a preventive, more effective approach to dollar spot management.”

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