RYAN introduces electric spreader attachment for aerator

RYAN announces a new custom spreader attachment for the Lawnaire ZTS stand-on aerator. The commercial electric spreader—manufactured by Spyker—helps users achieve a new level of productivity when aerating and overseeding.

The spreader hopper holds up to 120 pounds of material, so operators can complete large tasks with fewer refills, getting the job done faster. Variable speed control also comes standard, mounted within arm’s reach of the operator platform, allowing for easy control of a spread swath of up to 16 feet.

“We built the Lawnaire ZTS around the idea of increased productivity, and this new spreader package pushes that vision even further,” said Troy Blewett, director of marketing for Schiller Grounds Care, parent company of RYAN. “With the ability to aerate and overseed with one machine, users will quickly turn daunting projects into manageable ones.”

The design of the 120-pound-capacity spreader enables it to project enhanced spread coverage while maintaining equilibrium using the AccuWay adjustment cable. The AccuWay adjusts the material flow forward or backward, which allows the operator to maintain a balanced spread pattern, regardless of the chosen material.

The mounting kit is also custom-designed to fit on the RYAN Lawnaire ZTS for simple and accurate installation. No cutting, drilling or fabrication is necessary to secure the attachment.

For more information about the Lawnaire ZTS and other RYAN turf renovation equipment, visit www.ryanturf.com or find your nearest authorized dealer.