GreenJacket becomes TarpDevils’ master distributor

GreenJacket and TarpDevil have formed an agreement where GreenJacket is the Master Distributor of the TarpDevil throughout the United States as well as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Russia and Australia within the International market.

TarpDevil was introduced to the turfgrass industry with great fanfare in late August 2017. The first of its kind, TarpDevil is the industry’s new solution to reduce the burden of collecting and deploying covers. This tractor mounted, hydraulically controlled cover management system exponentially reduces the labor required to manage tarps in spring and fall. A short video of TarpDevil can be seen here:

“GreenJacket and Sto-Cote have a track record of bringing leading solutions to our current and future cover customer base. This latest innovation is particularly exciting and we are proud to be affiliated with and represent TarpDevil across the USA and around the world,” said Jim Stoller, President of Sales and Marketing for GreenJacket.

“We are thrilled to have forged an agreement with progressive industry-leaders like Jim and Garry at GreenJacket. They have a long-standing reputation of serving their clients with best in class cover solutions and we couldn’t think of a better partner to help us serve end users as well as dealers and distributors in the US and international markets,” said Jordan Kitchen, President of TarpDevil:

The TarpDevil will make the work of Rolling and Unrolling covers so much easier. Jordan and his team invented a durable, tractor-mounted, hydraulically driven Cover Management System. It’s North American made, compact, and can work with a tractor you have on hand.