New tool for lining synthetic turf

The “Wedge” is a product from Ultimate Field Layouts that was conceived at the request of a turf manager to help solve the problem he had with lining an artificial turf athletic field without changing the process he was accustomed to on natural turf.

My first step was to outline the design characteristics I wanted the product to satisfy which were as follows:

1) The product had to be cost effective.

2) The product had to be either stackable or nesting.

3) The product had to be light to handle.

4) The product would not puncture the turf substrate.

5) The product needed to be able to withstand linear as well as circular(360 degrees) forces.

6) The product needed to mimic the convenience of stakes(spikes) on natural turf in every way.

7) The product needed to allow for the total layout of the field prior to stringing and painting.

8) The product had to be maintenance free(high grade stainless steel).

9) The entire athletic field had to be able to be laid out by a single person.

We are pleased to say that all the design criteria have been met.

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