New Extension specialist touts turfgrass practices for environmental, human health

Efficient varieties and informed management practices can help Texans make the most of turfgrasses’ natural human health and environmental benefits, said the Texas AM AgriLife Extension Service’s new turfgrass specialist.

Dr. Lindsey Hoffman assumed her post at the Texas AM AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Dallas July 9. She said her public outreach initiatives will deliver holistic approaches for coaxing maximum benefit from turfgrass use.

“Turfgrasses provide a number of services to the ecosystem,” Hoffman said. “They control erosion, contribute to cooler spaces and provide viable surfaces for sports and recreation. We also know green spaces in general contribute to human emotional wellbeing.”

“We have a number of efficient, resilient, warm-season turfgrasses on the market now,” Hoffman said in reference to the latest varieties by Texas AM AgriLife Research breeders in Dallas. “These varieties, with efficient irrigation and smart input use, can provide innumerable aesthetic and functional benefits in a landscape alongside a palette of regionally adapted plant material.”

Source: AgriLife Today; read it all here.