Large field irrigation from InteliRain

Designed and manufactured in Canada and now being installed across North America, InteliRain is taking large field irrigation into the 21st century using both potable and non-potable water.

InteliRain has developed an irrigation system consisting of computer hardware, software, sprinkler head and canister, variable flow nozzles, flow control and onsite weather station. These innovations come together to create our state of the art digital irrigation system. We have designed and filed patents on a fully robotic sprinkler head, flow control valve, computer hardware and proprietary operating algorithms. It is the first turf irrigation system to combine the latest developments in science with cutting edge technology to create a fully robotic irrigation system.

The ease of installation and the computer optimization program is the key to the efficiency of the InteliRain system. The innovative InteliRain system offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce water usage by 30% (as verified through scientific testing at Olds College, Alberta)
  • Only 6-7 heads are installed compared to 40+ with a typical plastic head system on a typical sports field
  • Simplified installation with only one third the amount of piping required
  • Ability to use non-potable water
  • Ease of maintenance with all irrigation heads off the playing field
  • Reduced lifecycle costs as our system is manufactured from high quality aluminum
  • Wind Shift Technology, which takes into account prevailing winds on a real time basis

We have successfully installed our product at multiple locations across Alberta, including at the Spray Lakes Legacy Field in Cochrane, surrounding an artificial turf sports field irrigating more than 150,000 sq. ft. of grassed area, as well as a 200,000 sq ft cricket field in NE Calgary with only 16 heads. We were pleased to have installed last year a dual baseball field project at CFB Edmonton (300,000 sq ft) and have also completed projects in California.

Our signature project is in Kansas City at the Major League Soccer Academy of Sporting KC which doubles as the US Soccer National Coaching Centre (pls see attached). This project, completed this past year, is a 4 field complex irrigating more than 400,000 sq ft of soccer fields.

In 2018, we are already confirmed for installing an athletic track infield (90,000 sq ft with 7 heads) in Saskatoon at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex and are confirmed for other projects in USA as well as another soccer field in Cleveland amongst others.