ShockDrain 580

Since our launch in 2015, En-Plast Technology has strived to produce groundbreaking products. In the latter half of 2017, we rolled out ShockDrain 580, a drastically new and improved solution for impact attenuation and drainage in athletic fields.
In tandem with ShockDrain 580’s official launch today, we felt it would be appropriate to refresh our brand. Each of the three dots in our new logo represent an integral part of our new company slogan: Robust. Reputable. Responsible.
Robust: En-Plast Technology’s products are all made with the highest quality materials available and prioritize functionality, performance, and longevity above all else.
Reputable: En-Plast Technology strives to offer our customers the finest experience when doing business with our veteran team.
Responsible: En-Plast Technology cares deeply about the planet and is committed to creating products that are both recyclable and environmentally friendly.
The new branding reflects our hefty investment in R&D and vision for the future of En-Plast Technology. As our company values above suggest, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality products to our partners and customers and as such, En-Plast Technology’s branding should illustrate our commitment to excellence.
En-Plast Technology is also proud to announce that our updated website will go live next week. Please stay tuned for updates on the release date. Additionally, you may view an overhauled ShockDrain 580 web-brochure by clicking here.