Exmark announces next-gen RED technology

With the introduction of the next generation of its patented RED Technology, Exmark raises the bar for the performance, power, efficiency and versatility of its Lazer Z and Lazer Z Diesel commercial zero-turn mowers.

Next-generation RED Technology gives users an increased ability to control mower power and efficiency with defined performance modes. A new, console-mounted LCD monitor screen provides an easy-to-use interface that offers enhanced monitoring of vital mower functions and reporting of operating and property statistics, maintenance reminders and troubleshooting information.

Exmark Product Manager, Jamie Briggs, said next-generation RED Technology leverages the latest technologies to deliver increased machine efficiency, ease of use, and long-term durability.

“RED Technology works with the Electronic Fuel Injection and E-Governor technologies to increase engine responsiveness and reduce governor droop, so it can more quickly adapt to changing mowing conditions. This ability to deliver the right amount of power at the right time keeps engine RPM more consistent on a RED-equipped machine.”

As a result, Lazer Z mowers equipped with RED Technology can operate at a lower RPM level without sacrificing performance or cut quality. Benefits include a reduction in fuel consumption compared to equivalent carbureted machines, along with reduced noise and component wear.

For the first time, Exmark is offering RED Technology in both gasoline- and diesel-powered options. 2018 Lazer Z machines feature RED-equipped EFI-gasoline Kawasaki (Lazer Z S-Series) and Kohler (Lazer Z X-Series) engine options, as well as state-of-the-art RED-equipped Yanmar diesel engines on Lazer Z Diesel models.

RED-equipped machines include a clutch saver feature, which momentarily reduces engine RPM when the clutch is engaged to reduce component stress and wear, and has the ability to engage the cutting deck on the fly. RED Technology also monitors machine performance parameters and can place the mower in a “safe transport” mode (reduced RPM, clutch disengaged) if a critical engine or system issue is detected. This permits the operator to return the mower to the truck or shop without damaging vital components.

The new RED control module includes an LCD display screen with three multi-function push buttons, which replace the three-position rocker switch on first-generation RED-equipped machines. The buttons allow the user to select from the three defined operating (RPM) modes, or navigate through the menu screens. The operator can now select from six customizable engine speed set points for the Low, Efficient and Max modes, with the PTO engaged or without.

The next-generation RED control module is linked to the mower model and serial number, allowing accurate tracking of service and usage data. RED Technology eases fleet management by tracking machine health and delivering on-screen notifications when engine or transmission oil changes are due. When the system detects an error, the error/troubleshooting code is displayed as text on the screen. Service history and error codes are also logged for reference later.

“By ensuring vital maintenance items are completed on schedule, mower uptime, profitability and productivity are maximized,” Briggs said.

Additional features of Exmark’s next-generation RED Technology include:

  • Auto-idle when operator gets out of seat.
  • Throttle-down feature: allows the operator to quickly reduce engine RPM for mowing around windows, cars or sensitive landscaping, then return to normal operating RPM at the touch of a button.
  • Operating statistics: including total gallons of fuel used; average gallons of fuel used per hour; and both resettable and non-resettable engine and PTO hour meters.
  • Property statistics/trip meter: for up to five properties, users can log and track engine hours, PTO hours and gallons of fuel used.

Visit Exmark.com to find your local dealer and to learn more about Exmark’s new RED Technology and the 2018 RED-equipped Lazer Z models.