New Rain Master DX3 satellite central control

Rain Master launched the DX3 Satellite Central Control System, powered by Laguna software. Designed for the needs of specifiers, sports fields and grounds managers, cities and municipalities, DX3 offers a range of unique features that provide convenience, security and flexibility. Able to operate up to 96 conventional stations or 200 two-wire stations, the DX3 is all about flexibility and options to suit the specific needs of many outdoor environments. A hybrid operation option gives the DX3 the ability to operate two-wire and conventional wiring at a single controller. It can accommodate up to 16 programs and includes independent station control (ISC) that allows each station to be programmed separately. DX3 is capable of handling several wireless communication options to establish communication to the central control system from many platforms. It also can operate up to 3 master valves, 3 flow sensors and 2 pumps for large- or medium-sized systems.

Rain Master