SPECTO fencing systems for multi-diamond fields

While SPECTO Fencing Systems are commonly used for multi-use fields, they also work perfectly for multi-diamond fields.  Where the same diamond is used for multiple levels of play, you now need only one fencing system to complete your field.

Multi-use diamonds save resources by using the same space and equipment for multiple fields. Using SPECTO Sport Fencing Systems for a multi-diamond field or facility affords higher yield on investment, maximizing limited space while still giving your players, teams, and spectators the benefits of SPECTO–safety, versatility, and quality.

Foundations are installed for any number and configuration of fields desired. When foundations for a particular field are not in use, turf inserts are put in. Poles are moved from one foundation configuration to the other, and the needed fence panels put up. The same fence panels are used for all setups, reconfigured by adding or taking out sections to accommodate different length fences. SPECTO Baseball/Softball Fencing Systems require low input for set-up, taking three people approximately an hour and half, and require only an hour to move from one configuration to another.

Grand Slam Safety, LLC also collaborates with movable pitching mound vendors to make the process of furnishing your multi-diamond facility straightforward.
For more information about installing a SPECTO Fencing System and what a multi-use diamond could look like for you, look for more information on our websitecontact us via email.