Soil Tech Corp. exhibiting at STMA

Soil Tech Corp. has announced that they will exhibit at the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) show in Ft. Worth Texas on January 18-19, 2018. Soil Tech will present their line of bio-products for turfgrass and soils. Since 1986, Soil Tech Corp has supplied proprietary bio-fertilizers and soil conditioners to sports field managers around the world. These safe products are proven effective in 1000’s of turf and landscape applications.

Independent research at numerous sites has confirmed the effectiveness of the technologies. Several of the Soil Tech products are O.M.R.I. (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed for use in organic farming, landscaping, and gardening.

Earlier in 2017, Soil Tech announced its adoption of their new slogan, “Teaming With Biology”. STMA attendees are encouraged to visit with Soil Tech’s representatives at the STMA Show, Booth #762 in Ft. Worth, TX. For more information call product manager Steve Nichols at 1-800-221-7645/ext.105 or e-mail Soil Tech Corp, 2103 185th St. Fairfield, Iowa, 52556.