FC Barcelona stays with GrassMaster

FC Barcelona will install GrassMaster by Tarkett Sports for the pitch in their iconic Camp Nou Stadium.

GrassMaster is a 100% natural grass pitch reinforced by 20 million polypropylene fibers. The fibers are injected 18 cm deep and 2 cm above the surface, approximately every 2 cm across the pitch. The reinforced natural grass system had previously been installed at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, the team’s training center.

After years of studying the options to upgrade their field, FC Barcelona opted for Tarkett Sports’ GrassMaster, which combines natural grass with synthetic fibers to provide an all-season consistency. The system had been tested at the club’s training center and then installed on several fields of the Ciutat Esportiva, including the Camp Tito Vilanova, the First Team’s main training pitch.

FC Barcelona are re-laying a new pitch after its extensive use during the post-season as many events are held on the grass of the legendary Camp Nou Stadium.

The ingenuity of the system lies both beneath and above the surface: the natural grass roots grow around the fibers, thus anchoring the field. The hybrid system ensures an always even and stable surface.

Other prestigious stadiums in Europe also chose GrassMaster this summer: the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan, for example, is installing the reinforced natural grass system for the sixth time.

Watch a video of the installation online at: https://www.fcbarcelona.com/club/news/2016-2017/camp-nou-begins-process-of-changing-to-hybrid-grass-playing-surface