Wright introduces 72-inch Stander ZK mower

The Wright 72” Stander ZK’s wider cut, push-button deck lift, powerful engine options, mowing speed of 12.5 MPH, and fully independent left/right hydro systems all contribute to the mower’s improved productivity.

You won’t have to operate the 72” Stander ZK long before you experience its better balance and stability, especially on hills. Reinforced wheelie wheels and elastomer bumpers for progressive ride control help the mower hug the ground on all types of terrain. Its short overall length makes this mower more maneuverable than any mid-mount Z.

The rugged AERO-CORE deck has air-tapered surfaces that eliminate clumping, and its airflow stands grass up for a uniform cut. The deck is equipped with anti-scalp rollers for smooth, even results, even on varying terrain. Recessed caster wheels reduce the turning radius and the compact footprint improves maneuverability and reduces the space required on the trailer.

Fleet managers will also like the 72” Stander ZK. The only critical in-season maintenance points are engine oil and blades, and there are no grease fittings. The big 17.5-gallon fuel tank eliminates the need to carry extra gas, and the mower’s lightweight and compact footprint makes trailering multiple units easier.

The minute you step on the Stander ZK, you’ll notice the added comfort on the roomier foot platform. The platform is easy to step off of to exit or pick up debris, and a five-gallon debris container is even provided.

Check out all the benefits, features and specifications at www.wrightmfg.com. For the name of your nearest dealer, call 301.360.9810.