WFR spreader from Lely Turf

A hopper capacity of 600-800 lbs. makes the Lely Ground Driven WFR ideal for use on golf courses, sports fields, parks and green areas. Lely spreaders feature a force feed mechanism that can achieve spreading accuracy up to 52-ft wide and offers the flexibility of being compatible with a workman, UTV, tractor or most other power units.

Along with a forward speed of 4.5 mph, the Ground Driven WFR incorporates a unique differential gear system, which allows the tires to turn independently. This design prevents turf damage on the most sensitive areas and offers an even application, even on turns.

All Lely spreaders carry a two-year limited warranty and can be outfitted with several accessories.

More information about Lely Turf is available at, or by calling 888-245-4684. You may also visit Lely Spreaders’ Facebook page (, Twitter page (@LelySpreaders) or YouTube channel