The end of Velocity?

Velocity SG (bispyribac-sodium) is a useful herbicide in integrated management plans for both annual and roughstalk bluegrass, but that soon may change. While the future of this herbicide is still somewhat uncertain, it is currently no longer in production. The current inventory is expected to last for a short time while a final decision is made, but local and regional distributors have already reported shortages of Velocity. It seems that those who rarely sell Velocity still have a small inventory, whereas those who have historically sold more are completely out of the product and are unable to get more. If you are a fan of this herbicide, look for and purchase all that you can.

Assuming this truly is the end for Velocity, cool-season turf managers are left with only Prograss (ethofumesate), Xonerate (amicarbazone), and Tenacity (mesotrione) for selective postemergence control (or suppression) of annual bluegrass. Perhaps even worse, Velocity is currently the only herbicide labeled for the selective control of roughstalk bluegrass in cool-season grasses, leaving only mechanical or nonselective control strategies for this formidable foe.

If you are looking for a Velocity replacement (for annual bluegrass control) this fall, remember that Prograss is best applied in fall, but Xonerate should be applied in spring. Alternatively, a preemergence herbicide application this fall may mitigate annual bluegrass establishment next spring. For roughstalk bluegrass, remember that spring applications of glyphosate are more effective than fall applications ( 18_Poa_triv.pdf).

If you use Velocity, please email me at the address below. I’ve agreed to pass testimonials on to a Nufarm representative in an attempt to quantify the void that may be left in the absence of this product.

Cole Thompson, Asst. Prof. & Extension Integrated Turfgrass Management Specialist,