HashMark Master II from Newstripe

With the release of the revolutionary new HASHMARK MASTER II, Newstripe has done it again, this time in an even bigger way. Newstripe’s HASHMARK MASTER II is the second installation in the HashMark Master series. The latest version unleashes the capacity to work on both high and low pressure striping machines. This unprecedented enhancement makes what many consider the best hash mark painting machine in the industry, even better. Like the original version, the HASHMARK MASTER II quickly attaches to most Newstripe walk-behind striping machines. Using the machines own spray gun, one person can paint hash marks five times faster than most other methods.
The operator follows the automatic measuring guide from one hash mark to the next, paints it and moves on. It is that simple. Plus, being priced as low as $495 the HASHMARK MASTER II will pay for itself the first few times it is used.
As the pioneers in hash mark painting innovation, Newstripe continues to meet the challenges and needs of its customers. Go to:https://www.newstripe.com/athletic-field-maintenance/football-hash-mark-painting for more information on the HASHMARK MASTER II and other hash mark painting products.
About Newstripe, Inc.
Founded in 1981, Newstripe, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business with a global presence. Known in the industry for delivering extraordinary service, innovation and upholding a high level of standards, Newstripe continues to improve and expand their product lines. For more information, please visit www.newstripe.com or by calling 1(800) 624-6706.