A-LIST approves perennial ryegrass and fine fescue varieties

The Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-LIST) has made approval of a number of new varieties for 2017. To insure the integrity and independence of the program, test­ing is conducted by nationally recognized cooperators, selected on a regional basis to include environmental adaptability. These cooperators also participate on an Advisory Committee to fur­ther influence protocols. Participation in the independent and geographically diverse National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) is also a requirement for the approval process.

Varieties were tested for a number of low-input factors including drought tolerance, reduced chemical usage and turf quality under adverse conditions. To become an “A-LIST Approved Variety”, a variety must have demonstrated superior performance in A-LIST trials as defined by:

  • The top LSD group for drought tolerance as measured by percent green cover for each of two years in at least two locations.
  • Acceptable or better turf quality for each of the two years in at least two locations.
  • Have been entered into an NTEP trial for the species. For new cultivars that have met the approval standards for performance in A-LIST trials, final approval will be withheld until the cultivar(s) have been entered into an NTEP trial.

Perennial ryegrass                              Fine fescues

PR 301                                     Hard fescue:               Clarinet

Fastball RGL                                                                 Jetty

Stellar 3GL                                                                     SR 3150

Apple SGL                                Strong creeper:           SR 5250

Seabiscuit                                                                         Chorus

PR 193                                                                         Navigator II

Banfield                                     Chewings fescue:      Radar

Wicked                                                                             Conductor

Sideways                                                                           Compass II

Thrive                                                                                 SR 5130

Grandslam GLD

Man o’ War (Promising)


Of the varieties that are evaluated, only a select few receive approval. The A-LIST strives to ensure that only the best performing varieties are part of the program.

The A-LIST is an independent, non-profit, industry initiative, fostering development of sustainable turfgrass varieties and related products that perform their function with less maintenance inputs, thus benefiting the environment. A-LIST monitors a voluntary evaluation program including metrics like water conservation, reduced fertility and traffic, heat, and drought stress tolerances, all with no fungicide or insecticide applications. Products that meet the acceptance criteria can utilize the A-LIST Approved symbol in their market­ing and receive the A-LIST Approved tag for use in packaging.