Imants ShockWave aeration

The Imants ShockWave is a linear decompactor, designed to revitalize heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water.

Reputed to be the world’s fastest PTO driven rotary, linear decompactor, the ShockWave is the ideal maintenance tool for natural turf sports pitches because of the lack of disruption to the playing surface after use. Fine turf on golf courses, soccer pitches and sports field in general can be immediately brought back into play.

Successfully used across Europe and Asia, the Imants ShockWave (by Campey Imants and distributed throughout North America by Aqua-Aid) is now making waves of its own in America. US Sports turf management company, St Johns Turf Care, has enlisted the ShockWave for use across the seven different sports facilities they maintain. “This machine does everything that we need in opening up the soil and allowing it to breath, but also allowing it to be played on immediately after it has completed its run,” owner of St Johns Turf Care, Jeff Pilcher said.

Campey Turf