DryJect LLC, franchise-based aeration services company

DryJect, LLC, focuses on specialized turf aeration and soil modification services.

DryJect has over 35 North American and international franchise based service centers serving golf courses, sports fields, and other areas where high quality turfgrass is critical.

DryJect proprietary equipment features the only proven technology of its kind. High-pressure water penetrates the root zone, and dry amendments including sand / peat mixtures, inorganic soil amendments and more are injected into the aeration holes. Benefits are speed, labor savings, and increased profitability for golf courses, which rely on high quality putting surfaces to optimize revenue.

Aeration is one of many tasks necessary to ensure quality putting green turf, but it comes with a cost. When core aerating greens the golf course will either shut down for a day, or close each 9 for two days to get done. After this labor intensive job there is a week or two of waiting for the turf to heal until the greens are back to normal. How much is the revenue reduced in that time period through lost rounds, heavy discounts and lost sales in the pro shop and restaurant? These are concerns that face all decision makers who are responsible for a healthy bottom line.

With DryJect, there is a better way. Aerate, amend, and back-fill the holes on 18 greens in one day with time to spare! The greens are playable one hour after completed. No lost time waiting for the greens to heal, with fewer complaints from golfers about poor putting conditions. DryJect aeration is very effective and is a viable alternative to core aeration. It pays to use DryJect!