TopGolf selected for 2018 Conference SAFE tournament

SAFE is excited to announce the introduction of TopGolf to the STMA 2018 Annual Conference in Fort Worth! TopGolf will be replacing the traditional golf tournament setting.

TopGolf, established in 2000, has been taking the golf world by storm with its innovative take on the game. With its microchip technology and hangout-like vibe, it’s a great alternative to the traditional setting, inviting individuals who are not experts in the game to be able to play.

Players are placed in climate-controlled “bays,” similar to bowling lanes, accompanied by full-service staff and lounges. TopGolf offers addictive point-scoring golf games as well as tournament play to make it fun for all guests, regardless of experience. It has a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets in the ground. Using microchipped golf balls, TopGolf takes care of scoring for you. If you take the game seriously, bring your own clubs – otherwise TopGolf offers free golf club rental.

The Fort Worth location can be seen from the conference hotels, and will be brand new, opening its doors this summer. Find out more information about TopGolf here.