TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE infill

Target Technologies is proud to offer the safest and most tested TPE infill on the market.
TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE infill is made from the same polymers that are used in food contact and medical applications. It meets California’s Prop 65. It passes the EN71-3 European Testing for Toys. The Rainbow Trout Bioassay test yielded 100% survival rate after 96 hours. It passes the SW6010C Five Element Water Criteria and it achieved a class 1 rating as per flame retardant ASTM E648 testing. TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE – safety for players of all ages and the environment.

TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE soft green and tan color is designed to lower field surface temperature while still containing UV inhibitors for color fastness and thermal stabilizers to prevent agglomeration and tackiness up to 239° F. The semi-ovoid shape achieved by a specialized extrusion process: 1) Safe-guards against pulverization which causes size and Gmax degradation due to wear and abuse, 2) Prevents trapping of air bubbles on the surface like irregular, hollow, or shredded products during rain events, which prevents float away loss, 3) Does not contain pockets and voids that can promote bacteria, mold or other microbe growth and retention.

TTII PRO-MAX 37 TPE infill is only produced from virgin thermoplastic feed stock. It is North American made, ISO certified, has no odor, no dust, is 100% recyclable and has an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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