Trimax Snake

Trimax Mowing Systems are proud to announce the US release of their new turf mower, Snake, which was designed from the ground up using 30 years of innovation, refined engineering practice and customer insight combined. The 3.2m wide trailed rotary mower has been specifically designed for sports turf applications where groundsmen are looking for a high standard of presentation with the need for safety, durability and low downtime. Its surprisingly quiet operation allows mowing in and around sensitive areas and won’t cause disturbance. Trimax has awarded Snake with their market leading 3-year warranty. A clever ‘curb jump’ feature allows the decks to be lifted with the blades still engaged to go over curbs, paths or other obstacles without stopping the PTO. This saves wear on the tractor and gearboxes and ensures smoother operation whilst mowing. Snake’s sealed spindles mean there are fewer points to grease.

Trimax Mowing Systems