Valley Industries introduces HardCore hose reels

The term ‘hardcore’ is generally applied to the most active and committed members of a specific group, but when applied to Valley Industries new line of hose reels with HardCore Technology, ‘hardcore’ means exactly that – a hard core. So hard, in fact, that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

“We set out to design the most durable fluid handling hose reels in the market”, says Valley Industries Marketing Manager, Dan Savage. “That meant that the core itself, where the fluid passes through, had to be almost indestructible and totally resistant to corrosion. By using schedule 40 316 stainless steel, we were able to thread in a riser and eliminate the need for a weld, which is the most common area for corrosion to occur”.

Available in manual and electric drive units, each frame is made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. On the electric drive units, clumsy chains and sprockets are replaced by an ultra-heavy duty gearbox system that can be disengaged for easy unspooling. Now, the most active and committed lawn care, pest control and industrial operators can focus on the job at hand rather than worrying about failing components.

Based in Paynesville MN, Valley Industries is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of fluid handling components for agriculture, pest control, lawn care and many industrial applications. For more information on Valley Industries and its brands, please visit or call 800-864-1649.