Ecologel appoints rep team for US Southwest territory

Ecologel Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Climate Smart Irrigation as the new team of independent consultants representing Ecologel productsin the states of California, Nevada and Arizona.

The Climate Smart Irrigation Team is led by Michael Davidson and Robin Sohmer. Michael has been engaged in the global water and energy sector as a farmer, teacher, consultant and business owner for over 40 years. As a consultant to Ecologel, he has been instrumental in developing opportunities for international agricultural communities to benefit from the company’s Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management technology. In addition to his current familiarity with the company and its product lines, Michael brings years of experience in sustainable farming and irrigation practices to his new relationship with Ecologel.

Robin Sohmer has a Master Degree in Urban Planning and has spent years advocating quality of life improvement through community development, policy planning and education. With this experience, Robin is poised to assist distributors and customers alike in developing sales strategies and implementing Ecologel technologies into their existing programs.

The Climate Smart Irrigation team brings proficiencies in the fields of water conservation, water auditing, irrigation design and management, and crop and plant management to a water starved region of the United States. Ecologel welcomes their expertise to provide education on water conservation technologies to promote sustainability without sacrifice throughout the southwest territory.

Founded in 1991, Ecologel Solutions, LLC is an Ocala, Florida-based manufacturing company specializing in the production of environmentally responsible technologies for commercial and residential application in the areas of agriculture, lawn care and surface coatings. Ecologel’s products include technologies aimed at drought mitigation, water conservation and management, dust control, plant nutrients, algae blockers and advanced hormone biostimulants for the turf care industry.