Turfco announces new zero-turn, stand-on aerator

Turfco, a leading manufacturer of commercial turf care equipment, introduced the patent-pending TurnAer XT8 stand on aerator to attendees during the 2016 GIE+EXPO. The XT8 was developed to provide a solution to turf care professionals who want to increase aeration productivity while minimizing downtime.

“Aeration often needs to be done in a compressed period of time and the XT8 was created in response to the need to get the job done quickly,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice-president of Turfco. “We also designed it with our signature durability because downtime isn’t something lawn care professionals can afford during aeration season.”

The XT8 is designed to be nimble and fast. It can cover over two acres in an hour, with zero-turn agility and intuitive controls that allow operators to easily handle residential, commercial and sports turf. The XT8 also offers:

  • Aeration speed up to 7 mph.
  • A 30” aerating width that can still fit through a 48” gate.
  • Raised ground clearance to get over most curbs.

It increases productivity with Turfco’s patent-pending Auto-Depth Control. Operators can set tine depth from zero to five inches and the machine ensures that depth is kept consistent across a property, regardless of turf conditions. It eliminates guesswork.

Rugged reliability is another advantage of the XT8. Its unique design minimizes downtime by keeping chains outside of the aeration area, which prevents debris from getting in wheels and chains, as well as by using sealed, self-aligning bearings near the aeration area instead of debris collecting grease zerks. Easily accessible chain tensioners provide ease of maintenance for operators. Equipped with a 22-horsepower engine from Briggs & Stratton with a cyclonic air cleaner, the XT8 has the power to take on any terrain.

Other features of the XT8 are:

  • Standing platform that reduces vibration and shock for reduced operator fatigue and increased comfort, and locks in the raised position for easy access to the tines.
  • A three-year engine warranty for the Briggs & Stratton 22-horsepower engine.


The XT8 is on sale immediately through Turfco Direct, which ships orders directly to customers. For more information, to order or inquire about financing on the XT8, call 800-679-8201.