fds 9200, 6000 & 4600 Series from Wood Bay

The Professional’s choice – endorsed by the Baltimore Ravens Don Follett, Director of Fields & Grounds. Quickly revives old & compacted synthetic turf to get the spring back into the rubber-crumb top dressing in one easy pass.

  • approved by synthetic turf manufacturers/installers.
• superior to other spring tine aerators.
• soft spring tines do not pull up the fibers like other stiff spring machines.
• the large number of tines provides superior coverage & compaction relief; and • keep fibers standing upright – your turf – your reputation!


  • high-speed dethatching after winter kill and repair flood impact zones – efficient & effective turf preparation for overseeding; will ensure a healthy stand of turf.
  • less intrusive alternative to verti-cutting – variable tension settings for use on different component areas (end zones, central play areas) on football fields.
  • evenly spreads topdressing & sand and/or rubber infill used in synthetic athletic fields; and
  • increased thatch removal for healthier turf – the fds tines relieve surface compaction to help water, air & fertilizer penetrate the root zone quickly. 
FEATURES FREE-FLOATING SECTIONS Articulate to conform to undulations and steep slopes. Easy monitoring & tensioning adjustment.
  • SPRING-LOADED TINES Long-lasting hardened tines are more durable & more responsive to aggressive turf conditions & better withstand contact with obstructions (irrigation heads). More effective in preventing and controlling disease. Safety cables aid in trouble shooting – fast to install.
  • VARIABLE TENSION SETTINGS for dethatching from light to aggressive and smoothing of rubber and sand infill.
  • MAGNETIC SWEEP Provide a clean & safe environment for athletes. Attach Wood Bay’s magnetic sweep to remove sharp, dangerous ferrous metal hidden in turf.
• TURF BROOM Smooth synthetic and natural turf to perfection.