Avant Tecno synthetic turf maintenance attachment

The ATA 1200 | Artificial Turf Maintenance and Cleaning Solution attachment is for individuals responsible for maintaining an artificial turf football field, soccer field, baseball field or other artificial turf surface. This innovative technology will keep sport surfaces maintained and cleaned for optimum playing conditions and extended life.

In a single pass the combination of an Avant multi-functional loader and ATA 1200 deliver a hydraulically driven operation that de-compacts infill with a de-compaction rake, processing most of the infill by screening and vacuuming and returning infill back into the turf, removing and collecting course debris, fine particles, dust and broken fibers. The process helps maintain the integrity and cushion of the entire sport surface, allowing athletes to perform at their highest level. Regular cleaning of turf removes dirt and pollution and reduces compaction to keep the field in optimal playing condition.   Well-maintained, clean artificial turf reduces the risk of acute and chronic injury.

The ATA 1200 attachment cleaning width is 47 inches, total width 57 inches and fully hydraulic. The attachment can be equipped with a rotator to allow it to pass through smaller access gates, doors, and other tight places.