Topdressing attachment from Ecolawn

Ecolawn Applicator introduces the new Walker mower topdresser attachment. This zero turn attachment is a broadcast spreader with a newly designed hopper that eliminates material bridging with smooth, steep sides and its live conveyor system and agitator maintain steady material flow for consistent even spreading. Ecolawn’s popular dual reverse spinner broadcast system is PTO driven therefore giving unlimited application thickness control over to the operator’s ground speed. This feature is unique to this model. Products that can be spread include screened compost, pulverized soils, most pelletized products, calcite clay, crumb rubber, lime, all grades of sand and unlimited blends of all of these products. Features include: even 180 spread with dual reverse spinner mechanism, polythene hopper 11.5 cu. ft capacity; feed trap, live bottom/agitator controls; spreading width 4 to 14 feet; and application thickness: 11.5 cubic feet in one spot to a very thin application.