GreenFields introduces MX 3 STAR playing surface

GreenFields has introduced a safer synthetic playing surface called GreenFields® MX 3 STAR. GreenFields President Guido Vliegen states, “GreenFields MX 3 STAR feels like real turf and our laboratory testing strongly suggests that it will have a significant impact on decreasing the number of lower leg injuries that players experience on synthetic turf.”

NFL statistics show that lower leg injuries are more prevalent on synthetic turf than on natural grass. GreenFields addresses this problem since it has physical characteristics that are closer to natural grass than any other synthetic turf product. Richard Kent, Professor at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics, has conducted independent testing of the new GreenFields MX product and stated, “Greenfields MX 3 STAR performed much like a natural grass field.”

Real World Testing
This summer, GreenFields has installed test fields with professional organizations around the country for live testing and real world performance feedback.

According to third-party test results, the new GreenFields MX 3 STAR system also provides shock absorption and energy restitution similar to natural grass. The newly developed infill of GreenFields MX 3 STAR is made from virgin materials.

“Everything we do is research driven and real world tested,” said Vliegen. “Our R&D group takes the information received in the live test environment to continually enhance our products.”