Pro-Tech Turf Pusher now available for Bobcat and Polaris UTVs

Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. announced that its Turf Pusher product line is now available for use on Bobcat and Polaris UTVs.

The Turf Pusher, the first containment plow designed for clearing snow from turf sports fields was launched several years ago and immediately became very popular with high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams.

While offering the Turf Pusher with a variety of connection types such as Toro, John Deere, and universal quick attach, a coupler for UTV’s was not available until today.

“More of our customers, especially high schools and municipalities are asking for the Turf Pusher to be connected to their UTV’s,” says Pro-Tech Vice President, James Wegner. “Over the next year we will continue to develop and offer more UTV coupler options for the Turf Pusher.”

The Turf Pusher’s UTV coupler has an easy pin-on design that automatically finds level plow position when the unit is lowered to the ground. This design also allows the coupler to be removed from the plow for cleaning or other maintenance if required.

The Turf Pusher’s new UTV connection works specifically with Bobcat’s M.A.X. Attachment System and Polaris’s Pro-Tach Attachment System. The Turf Pusher currently comes in 6′ and 8′ sizes. Customers should contact Pro-Tech or their nearest dealer with questions about which size best works for their prime mover. Customers can also visit for product pricing and specifications.