Sports field How-To videos wanted!

STMA is seeking educational videos that demonstrate maintenance practices for sports fields. The goal is to develop a collection of three-to-eight-minute educational videos focused on sports field how-to’s that STMA members can use to improve their operations. Topics can include anything related to sports turf management, such as:

– How to calibrate a sprayer or spreader

– How to edge an infield

– How to paint a logo

– How to repair equipment or irrigation

Making the video can be easy. Determine your topic and collect the equipment you need to effectively explain the management practice you are demonstrating. Using a phone or other recording device, record the video and send it to STMA via email or Dropbox.

The STMA Information Outreach Committee will thoroughly review your video. Remember, the goal of these videos is to enhance the education of Sports Turf Managers. STMA will be promoting your video and expects you to provide professional, applicable educational content. STMA reserves the right to decline or remove any video it feels is inappropriate.

To learn more about how to create and submit a video, visit STMA’s Knowledge Center – Videos and Webinars.