Non-lethal non-hazardous avian control solution

Simply put, birds are beautiful creatures, but they sometimes make bad neighbors. It must be understood that the only long-term solution is to treat the cause of the problem, not the symptom. The problem is not the presence of birds, it is that certain environments are appealing to birds which leads to the presence of their droppings. Even if an avian infestation is chased away, a new flock will fill the void if the environment is not made unappealing to the avian intruders.

The most effective, long term solution is to develop a continuity program utilizing a non-lethal, non-hazardous application of a chemical composed of a food grade ingredient that simply repels the birds to another location, causing no harm to the birds or your facilities and turf areas.


  • A non-lethal, non hazardous bird repellant delivered via fogging/misting method, fully manufactured in the United States
  • Contains 40% methyl anthranilate, a natural ingredient found in grapes and orange blossoms. Widely used as a flavoring agent in fruit juice, candy, chewing gum and other food products
  • FDA lists this material as GRAS (generally recognized as safe)
  • Fully registered and approved by the EPA (Reg # 86583-4) 
  • MA, the active ingredient, simply irritates the olfactory mechanism in birds, but does not harm them in any way.
  • It makes the treated area an uncomfortable place to occupy.

From a human perspective, imagine walking into a room full of the scent of cayenne 
EcoBird 4.0 works on all birds including Pigeons, geese, grackle, starlings, dove, black birds, gulls, water fowl and other nuisance birds. EcoBird 4.0 can help with swallows when used per the restrictions in the MigratoryBirdTreaty Actof1918. EffectiveforIndoorandOutdooruse.
Where to use: 
Turf, sports fields, parks & outdoor venues, golf courses, parking lots & parking garages, airports & hangers, landfills, grain storage & manufacturing facilities and more. FDA and EPA approved for use on numerous crops.