Avant Tecno USA honors dealers by sending them to Finland

Four years after opening its North American operations and experiencing massive growth, Avant Tecno USA decided to honor its dealers by sending them to “The Land of the Midnight Sun” in Finland where Avant’s global headquarters is located. This Avant sponsored trip coincides with Avant’s North American and International Dealer meetings as well as Avant’s 25th year Anniversary celebration.

Avant North America typically holds its annual dealer meeting in the USA. This year it wanted to do something different and offered to sponsor all its dealers to see Avant Finland’s sophisticated 27-acre operation. This technologically advanced compound encompasses R&D, product development, robotics, manufacturing, painting, assembly, warehouses, offices, and showroom. Equally important to seeing the operation, Avant wanted dealers to learn the Avant philosophy direct from the family owners and experience the passion of hundreds of committed employees building the compact loaders. All North American dealers were invited to attend the 4-day event in Finland, June 30 – July 3, 2016, sponsored by Avant.

Avant USA continues to expand its presence all over the US and Canada. The strength of its dealer partnerships and end user interest of owning an Avant has catapulted sales in four short years. “There is no better way to thank our dealers and to help them understand who and what Avant is really all about except to put them in the place where our sophisticated, best in class global operations is located, in Ylöjärvi, Finland,” said Jukka Lyly-Yrjanainen, President of Avant Tecno USA.

The North American dealers will have a unique experience. When they finish their pre-planned activities, they will join dealers from over 40 countries for Avant’s annual Global Dealer Meeting to learn about new products, advances in engineering, test drive machines, and discuss best practices. The 2-day meeting will end by joining vendors, employees and the Avant owners for another day to celebrate a huge milestone in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Avant’s 25th Anniversary.


Avant Tecno USA brings a new breed of compact articulated loaders and attachments to the market. Its technology, benefits and solutions are unmatched in the USA. Avant loaders can be equipped with more than 150+ attachments, making one machine able to do the work of several. The use of modern hydraulics makes Avant loaders strong and durable while remaining light and agile. Avant Tecno USA is a subsidiary of Avant Tecno Corporation which is headquartered in Finland. Avant leads the industry in providing superior engineering and product development in the field of multi-functional loaders and attachments. For more information, visit www.AvantTecnoUSA.com or contact sales at 847.380.9822.