Lampman is Sports Turf Canada 2016 Sports Turf Manager of the Year

Sports Turf Canada is pleased to announce that Greg Lampman is the 2016 Sports Turf Manager of the Year.

The Sports Turf Manager of the Year award is a prestigious honour which recognizes an individual’s professional ability and contribution to the Canadian sports turf industry and shows appreciation for his or her proactive and progressive efforts within the profession.

Mr. Lampman is a Sports Field Operator with the Town of Oakville overseeing 13 Class A fields and seven Class B fields. Two of the Class A fields are all-weather turf. He leads a crew of four summer staff and is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of his team.

“Greg personifies professionalism in the sports turf industry through dedication, continuous improvement, research and enthusiasm,” said Jane Arnett, the Town’s Senior Manager of Operations, Parks and Open Space.

Greg facilitated the open communications and dialogue that was required to manage a challenging situation affecting user groups with the closure of a premier field. As a result of the second consecutive hard winter for turf, Greg deemed the conditions of the field unplayable. Furthermore, unpermitted use jeopardized the field’s renovation. Through Greg’s efforts an agreement was reached with all stakeholders resulting in the realization of better, safer sports turf. “Greg is committed and takes the quality of his turf very personally,” added Ms. Arnett.

Association president Tab Buckner explained, “Greg’s unwavering commitment to effective communications is one of the key pillars to his success. It is because of his understanding and the sharing of his knowledge and expertise with all stakeholders that Sports Turf Canada recognizes him with this honour.”

By sponsoring this award, the Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI) assists in the recognition of sports turf managers who exemplify vision and leadership in the sports turf industry. “The GTI is pleased to partner with Sports Turf Canada in presenting this award which helps to recognize Mr. Lampman’s excellence in sports turf management,” said Stephen Fleischauer, Acting Director of the Guelph Turfgrass Institute. “The GTI will continue to support sports turf achievements through the presentation of awards such as this.”

The nomination deadline for the 2017 Sports Turf Manager of the Year is January 15. Visit for eligibility, criteria and the nomination form.

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