Gulp UltraMax Plus suction pump

Underhill International introduces the Gulp UltraMax Plus suction pump for quick clean ups of water-soaked areas on turf and landscape, including valve boxes and sprinklers. Three models are available, including a 36” length with 72” hose; 21” length with 18” hose; and 12 oz syringe version.

UltraMax Plus is the industry’s first manual pump that completely disassembles for maintenance and features replacement parts for longer life.

The O-ring and wiper seal are removable for cleaning or replacement, along with the head assembly and intake foot/filter.

The smooth, self-priming pump handles an extra high volume of water and an ergonomically-designed handle allows comfortable operation.

UltraMax Plus has a clear, heavy-duty high strength polycarbonate cylinder body and aluminum grade pump shaft. A sure-fit discharge hose connector stays intact during all clean outs.

Underhill Intl is headquartered in Mission Viejo, CA, and has been in business for 36 years, providing integrated solutions to the irrigation industry.