Video taping amateur sports in China with no on-site operator

Huiti, China’s leading sports technology company, has recently installed 150 Pixellot Lemur systems on soccer and basketball courts in the greater Shanghai area, ushering in a new area of digital content generation in amateur sports. With the fully automated sportscasting solution, Huiti can now affordably cover a huge number of games and make them available through its web portal frequented by more than 50 million registered users, hosting fan communities in various sports.


Marking the initial stage of Huiti’s partnership with Pixellot, the 150 Lemur systems are the first batch of an installation that will comprise 1,000 systems. This is an integral part of the Huiti’s plan to offer its sports fans webcasts from hundreds of thousands of soccer and basketball courts throughout the country on a daily basis. To bring on the digital sportscasting revolution, the Lemur systems are seamlessly integrated into Huiti’s online media environment. Designed as end-to-end solutions, Pixellot’s systems deploy a panoramic camera and advanced auto-tracking algorithms that together enable highly reliable auto-production. From the court, the footage is fed via the cloud into Huiti’s web portal where users can view it live or as VOD.


Ranhao Lin, Huiti’s CEO, explained, “Requiring no person in the loop, the Lemur system opens up new horizons for us. We now have an affordable way to produce high quality content and expose amateur sports to passionate fan communities. For important games, we use Lemur’s Remote Production Suite to create premium webcasts, still at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional shooting and production.”


After a simple initial installation, the Lemur system remains fixed on the sports ground and can be operated and monitored through a web-based management interface. Coming in a weatherproof enclosure, the solution withstands harsh outdoor conditions and boasts a high Meantime Before Failure (MTBF).


Alon Werber, Pixellot’s CEO, added, “The idea behind the Lemur was to develop a system that is self-contained and works for you when you aren’t there. This includes utmost robustness and low maintenance. Huiti installed a part of our systems outdoors and they all withstand the winter weather successfully without any damage.

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