Jacobsen expands and enhances LF line of mowers

Jacobsen has announced the launch of the all-new LF557/LF577™ seven-reel mower, in addition to enhancements to its current LF550/LF570 mower series.

The all-new LF557/LF577 is the industry’s only Tier 4 Final, seven-reel mower, offering unrivalled productivity. The LF557 is equipped with five-inch reels and the LF577 is equipped with seven-inch reels, with both mowers boasting a massive cutting width of 139 inches, allowing the ability to mow up to 11 acres per hour.

“Since the 1980s, our LF line of mowers has been the gold standard for sports fields and golf courses that want smooth, pristine-looking turf,” said Lee Frie, Product Manager for Jacobsen. “The new LF557/LF577 takes that legendary history and adds more than three feet of cutting width, allowing turf managers to significantly increase productivity without sacrificing quality-of-cut.”

The five-reel models (existing LF550/LF570) and new seven-reel models (LF557/577) both feature technology that makes operation and service much easier. A new AdaptiThrottle automatically manages engine speed based on demand, thus reducing fuel consumption and noise. The mowers’ InCommand™ Control System delivers pass code-protected, programmable max transport and mow speed settings to control cut frequency, removing tools and operator input from the equation. A new nine-bladed reel is also now available for all 5-inch reel LF models (LF510/LF550/LF557).

In addition, the new mower series features maintenance reminders that are displayed automatically on-screen and scheduled intervals to aid in proper service and increased up-time.

“Anytime turf managers can get mowing completed faster, it means there’s more time for crew members to work on other things,” said David Withers, President of Jacobsen. “Until now, the trade-off has been productivity over quality-of-cut, but the new LF557/577 offers the best of both worlds: giving turf managers the opportunity to present beautiful turf and save valuable time.”

The all-new LF557/LF577 will be available in February.